2018 – Portraits are in Fashion.


Portraits aplenty at Kate Christie Photography in 2018.

A very Happy New Year to you all. Welcome to 2018, the year of changes for Kate Christie Photography. Come February I will be moving into a new studio. This is a beautiful space with high ceilings, shiny wooden floors, sash windows and beautiful furnishings!! I’m so excited to see what I can create in this stunning space. Booking in sessions is so important in my business and I’m currently taking portrait bookings for February and into March. If you are thinking of a late summer, early autumn portrait (either in the studio or on location somewhere) but don’t wait. Give me a call to book your portraits on 021 132 4501 as soon as possible to make sure I have the available session you are wanting. Or click here to fill out my contact form and I will call you for a chat. Portraits are in fashion.



Valentines Day is coming up so why not surprise your man with stunning portraits of YOU! Not only will be be surprised but it’s a fabulous confidence builder for you as well. Let me know your requirements and I will sort everything for you. From professional hair & makeup, to a fully styled wardrobe for you to choose from. The choices are endless.


Time to get the family photographed!! This time of year through to May is my favorite to get family portraits taken outdoors. Getting the family sorted is sometimes hard with the kids doing different activities once school starts again and more often both parents are working. This is where my Sunday sessions are amazing. Or maybe we head out to one of Christchurch’s beautiful parks or beaches in the early evening? Stunning light and amazing portraits are captured at this time of the day. Don’t forget the family dog!!


Updating those business portraits? Let’s bring the corporate head shots into fashion! It doesn’t have to be a formal stuffy portrait. Think lifestyle, think funky, think personality! If you run your own business, lets chat about what sort of vibe would you love to put out there to attract you ideal client. Check the billzon images on Pinterest and get inspired and creative with your personal branding head shots.


My contact details are still the same, just the studio address has changed. Information will be sent out soon regarding this. Until then, enjoy the rest of January, holidaying, relaxing, socializing or working. Contact me here if you would love more information about a portrait for you, your family, your lover or your business. Head on over to my Facebook page to join the conversations!


Chat soon

Kate x

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