50 and Fabulous – enjoy it!


So…..Why is this wonderful demographic the least seen in our media??

We don’t see a lot of 50+ women in advertising campaigns, we don’t them on clothing billboards, we don’t see them selling us beauty products unless it’s to stop the aging process! Why is this?? I actually don’t know the answer but I can tell you that I love this demographic.

These women are by far my most favorite to photograph. They are wives, mothers, sisters & daughters. They are worldly, wise, have life skills, & most have accepted their body type/shape. They know not to sweat the small stuff and to live each day to the fullest. They have adult daughters and some are lucky enough to still have their mums around. Some are grandmothers and are enjoying sharing wonderful experiences with little people without the added stress of parenting, they have been there, done that!!

I love that they bring their daughters and granddaughters to their portrait session.

My next mission is to photograph as many 50+ gorgeous women as I can. Makeup artist & stylist Simone is also very passionate about this age group. She is wanting to show all 50+ women how to apply makeup and rock it. We both want to empower and build confidence and show these beautiful ladies just how awesome they really are.

Is this your mum?? Or is this you?? Find out more.

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