All About You Photography

How do you celebrate a milestone?
Getting married? Birthday? Wedding anniversary? Or just because you feel like it?

You want to do something special for him, that also makes you feel and look amazing. Kate Christie Photography has just the thing.

My ‘All About You’ photo shoots are my best kept secret.
It’s just you, a sheet, and some warm lighting that creates simply the most romantic photography for your special occasion.

Photos That Empower

Just picture the look on your partner’s face when they unwrap this present. As much as we say it’s a photo shoot ‘for him,’ it’s never just for him. These photo shoots are tasteful, sexy, and so empowering, because I take my lead from you, making sure you feel comfortable at every stage along the way.

Imagine these stunning photos displayed in your bedroom or a private area of your home. Every time you walk past, whether rushing on your way to work or vacuuming on a Saturday morning, you can look up and remember how you felt being pampered on that day and remind yourself you’re a goddess… Especially when you don’t feel like it..

For an added touch, bring in one of his shirts and a tie for a few poses. Some ladies love to bring in a new corset or two to show off. The studio also has two clothing rack full of amazing outfits for you to wear. The important thing is that your ‘All About You’ sessions are genuine, reflect who you are, and make you feel empowered.

The natural light in my studio is gentle, warm, and produces the most stunning results.

Blushing Bride-To-Be Photography

For my ‘All About You’ photoshoots, discretion is my middle name. I love being part of the excitement to help you create a wonderful range of photos without your other half finding out until the time is right.

Some brides-to-be have seen me before their wedding day to get their Kate Christie ‘All About You’ portraits. The morning before the wedding I arrange to have the photos delivered to the nervous groom. In a few cases, I have personally delivered the ‘All About You’ portfolio & chatted to your wedding photographer so they can take a few sneaky shots of the groom’s reaction at the bride-to-be’s request.

Rediscovering The Magic

Other women commission ‘All About You’ photoshoots because they are celebrating a wedding anniversary or a milestone birthday. There’s no harm in rediscovering a little of the old magic, or reminding both you and them that you are as sexy now as you have ever been.

Just because we grow older, doesn’t mean we ever have to grow up. Whether you are doing this for yourself or to share with someone else, there is never a more perfect time to be cheeky and a little risque by booking ‘All About You’ portrait session right now.

Reminder: You Are Beautiful

Sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies when we listen to that nasty voice inside all of our heads that points out our flaws. It’s no secret that I love being a photographer, and one of the reasons why is seeing the reactions to the photos I have just taken. It’s in those moments when I can see that nasty voice being silenced as you look at your portraits and remind yourself of just how gorgeous you are. Remember to book a night out after your portrait session because you leave the studio looking and feeling amazing.

Are you getting married, celebrating a milestone birthday, a wedding anniversary, or just want to feel pampered and gorgeous? Contact Kate Christie Photography on 021 132 4501 to secretly commission your ‘All About You’ photoshoot today.

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