• Generational Portraits to last a Lifetime and Beyond!

    Do you have a family get together happening soon?? Make sure to book your favorite photographer to capture beautiful generational portraits for all those generations that follow.


    Generational Portraits……..How wonderful it is when a family contacts me to create …

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  • The Power of a Portrait

    Showing Teens & Tweens their Power since the 90s.

    So I have been photographing people since I was at high school back in the early 90s and there has been one thing in common with everyone I photograph. That is …

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  • Family Portraits – Let’s make it easy!!

    It’s not as hard as you think to get family portraits taken.

    I absolutely LOVE the autumn season!!  What’s not to love??!  There’s so much to look forward too!! The leaves are changing colours, the cooler temperature, lots of family …

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  • 2018 – Portraits are in Fashion.


    Portraits aplenty at Kate Christie Photography in 2018.

    A very Happy New Year to you all. Welcome to 2018, the year of changes for Kate Christie Photography. Come February I will be moving into a new studio. This is …

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  • Why You Should Book A Boudoir Session?

    It will change the way you see yourself forever!

    To all women out there….. You so selflessly give, love and sometimes get so caught up in others, that you forget to take a minute to appreciate yourself. Well, that is …

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  • Sisters

        Exist in photos with your siblings.

    NOW is good

    Such an awesome time was had a couple of Sundays ago. I had the pleasure of photographing three gorgeous sisters came into my studio for their portrait session. They started with …

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  • 50 and Fabulous – enjoy it!


    So…..Why is this wonderful demographic the least seen in our media??

    We don’t see a lot of 50+ women in advertising campaigns, we don’t them on clothing billboards, we don’t see them selling us beauty products unless it’s to …

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  • All About You Photography

    How do you celebrate a milestone?
    Getting married? Birthday? Wedding anniversary? Or just because you feel like it?

    You want to do something special for him, that also makes you feel and look amazing. Kate Christie Photography has just the …

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  • Does this sound familiar?

    After you’ve worked hard all day, taken care of your kids, and looked after your partner, you want to do something just for yourself. Generally, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t having your photo taken. So many women …

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