Does this sound familiar?

After you’ve worked hard all day, taken care of your kids, and looked after your partner, you want to do something just for yourself. Generally, the first thing that comes to mind isn’t having your photo taken. So many women tell me “I don’t really enjoy being photographed.”

At Kate Christie Photography, I believe in making women feel great and look amazing. It’s fair to say I have the best job in the world.

It starts by coming to my Christchurch studio and being welcomed by my hair and make-up team. We’re about to capture a memory you’ll want to last for a lifetime, so we will make sure you’re looking picture perfect. From there, you can relax in the natural light of my studio and I’ll take care of the rest. From how to stand, what to do with your hands or exactly where to look, I’ll direct and position you. Together, we’ll create some amazing photography.

At the end of your photoshoot, I’ll encourage you to head out for the evening, so all of Christchurch can see how you feel right now. Call your partner and tell them they are taking you out for dinner. Get the girls together for a night on the town. Having spent a few hours getting your hair and make-up done, having your photo taken with me and looking at the stunning results, you’ll want nothing more than to share that feeling.

Who needs an occasion to feel amazing and look even better? Whatever your reasons, Kate Christie Photography can help.

Family Photo Shoots

By the time you have convinced the kids to wear nice clothes, wrangled them into their outfits and organised your partner into the car, I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to be photographed. You’re probably feeling stressed, uptight, and there’s no way you want to hang a family portrait in your lounge if you look the way you felt in that moment.

At Kate Christie Photography, we do things differently. Your only job is to arrive a couple of hours before the rest of your family so we can pamper you. Leave your partner to get the kids organised and bring them to my Christchurch studio. Once we have done your hair and make-up and captured a few shots of you looking gorgeous, we’ll bring your family in and photograph the most beautiful family portraits. You’ll have trouble deciding which one to hang on your wall.

Professional Photography

To attract the business you want, you must project the right image. Kate Christie Photography can take care of your Christchurch work family, capturing a variety of profile, team, and action shots that match the style and tone of your business.

From websites, online profiles, promotional flyers or posters, Kate Christie Photography can help your business make a great impression with potential customers.

Just Because Photography

There are so many reasons we should have more photographs of ourselves. We want to leave something beautiful for our children, capture a special moment for our partner, or just remind ourselves of who we are. You are beautiful, confident, and every time you see your portrait on your wall you’ll be reminded of that.

Redefine yourself. Rediscover yourself. Celebrate a milestone, an achievement or a special occasion. Whatever is happening in your life, let Kate Christie Photography capture it.

We are creating history every day. You must remember to record it.

For more information, to discuss a shoot idea or make a booking,
contact Kate Christie Photography on 021 132 4501.

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