Generational Portraits to last a Lifetime and Beyond!

Do you have a family get together happening soon?? Make sure to book your favorite photographer to capture beautiful generational portraits for all those generations that follow.


Generational Portraits……..How wonderful it is when a family contacts me to create a generational portrait for them!!!  What a priceless gift to have! A portrait with grandparents, parents and children! I know in my own life, this is a cherished portrait.

With every generational portrait I take the time to do individual families, children and small groupings. Together we will create memories that will last a lifetime!

How long has it been since your last family portrait? Contact me today to lets chat about how we can create YOURS together!  Start thinking about where you would love to be photographed. Here in Christchurch we have the most amazing beaches and parks all at our disposable. Our new city center has created an amazing backdrop for funky urban style portraits. Or maybe you would love me to come out to your family farm. Families wearing gumboots is awesome. What about Nana sporting a pair of gummies with a sunflower pattern all over them?


Check out the colour scheme here. These colours work so beautifully for outdoor locations in the Autumn or Winter.  Think about a colour palette rather than a single colour. Textures also work really well rather than a whole lot of different patterns.

You will be so happy that you put more thought into the clothing and the colour palette. 

What is your family like? What portraits will suit your home? What clothes would be great to wear?  All important questions to be thinking about when booking your generational family portraits.

Think about how the location of your generational portraits will look with your clothing colour choice. Remember, if you are heading out to the beach for an early morning session there are going to be more blue and grey tones within your portrait. Maybe a little gorgeous sunrise colour as well.

Park portraits usually contain greens, blues and maybe a splash of colour coming in with surrounding flower gardens. Maybe you have chosen an amazingly versatile location like the Halswell Quarry in Christchurch. This place offers so many options, long grasses, hills, the quarry tree lined backdrops. There are endless awesome portrait opportunities in and around the Christchurch area.

Half the fun is in the planning. Measure that space above the couch in the family room. How big would you like your artwork? Or how many smaller portraits would fill this gap?

Visit my website and fill out the contact form. I’ll get right back to you! In the meantime check out my Pinterest page. There are heaps of examples of generational family portraits for you to get some awesome ideas.

Looking forward to seeing and photographing you soon.

Kate x



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