The Power of a Portrait

Showing Teens & Tweens their Power since the 90s.

So I have been photographing people since I was at high school back in the early 90s and there has been one thing in common with everyone I photograph. That is the powerful affect it has on my subjects. It doesn’t matter if I’m photographing them for a personal branding head shot, a family session or beauty/boudoir, each and every one of my clients can feel the power within themselves when they see and feel the final product. The empowerment, the confidence and the self love shines through and it lasts a life time along with that beautifully framed portrait displayed in the home for everyone to see and admire.

About  2 years ago I had the pleasure of photographing the van der Merwe family, including Bonnie the cutest wee dachshund-x ever!!! Mum Jane booked the session and told me a little about her wonderful family.  Such a lovely family.

If you have been following me for a while you will be familiar this portrait as I love it so much, it gets used in a lot of my marketing.

A while ago I asked past clients to send me through their thoughts about my sessions. Feedback or feelings, what they thought about their family session and how (if at all) it had changed their lives. So Jane emailed me straight back with the following comments:


We came for a family photo shoot about 18 months ago (I think!!). My daughter Lauren was 12 and prior to having our family photo we’d spent a lot of time straightening Lauren’s hair because she really didn’t like her curls. We arrived at your studio with clean dry hair as per your request. Lauren’s hair was all naturally curly ready to have Simone transform it for Lauren. The reaction from you and Simone was amazing and you both insisted on leaving Lauren’s hair just as it was for a few photos.  I can’t say how much that affected Lauren in such a good way.  She was made to feel so beautiful and special.  She now wears her hair naturally all the time..and she likes it!


I’ve attached a photo of Lauren at her end of Intermediate school formal. She wanted to keep her curls☺☺

Thanks and Regards

Jane van der Merwe



I was totally thrilled to receive Jane’s feedback about Lauren. It just goes to show the power of a portrait to gain confidence and empowerment to be yourself and rock what you got. It took me nearly 40 years to love my curls and now I wouldn’t be without them.  We were all given our looks for a reason, learn to love yourself as you are, it makes life so much easier.

Follows is the most amazing poem by Derek Walcott.

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